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Hints for Successful Painting

1. Never leave your brushes sitting in a jar of water. The bristles of your brushes will be irreparably bent out of shape. (Think of what happens to the brushes children use)

2. Lay brushes flat until they are dry.  If you stand them vertically in a jar to dry, the water that has a slight hint of colour in it will run down to the ferrule and sit them accumulating paint and ultimately reducing the lifespan of the brush.

3. Remember to hold your brush vertically when painting, and not at a 45 degree angle for strokework.

4. Floating is  technique which requires practice. Try using retarder or extender on the work first, then load your colour on one side of the brush, and "blend" "blend" "blend" on the same spot on a slick surface, with a fair bit of pressure, which will work the paint across the bristles. If the paint has gone completely across the bristles, wash out the brush and start again.

5. Try double loading with the background colour if you have trouble floating. Don't dabble too much with a floated area, paint it then set aside.

6. Have a small supply of raw wood pieces on hand when basecoating items, and any excess paint can be used up on the spot. Then when you are looking for a small gift, you have a ready supply of smaller items, on hand ready for decoration. (Always remember to save some of the background paint for last minute touch-ups.)
And a few more:

7.When you are painting fine line work, rest your hand on a small wheat bag or bean bag and it will hold your hand steady making it easier to get straight lines.

8. For Tracing designs:
Some of us use our plain paper, top loading fax-copier. We put the tracing paper in the top along with the regular paper as a backing. Put the design in the fax-copier and press copy. The design transfers onto the tracing paper perfectly.

9.Attach small wooden items, (that you wish to base paint), to a piece of cardboard with masking tape rolled back on itself, this will then allow you to paint them without getting paint all over your hands. Or secure them with contact paper!

10. To keep Acrylic Paints from drying up in hot weather:
Add ice cubes to your water jar,  or pour iced water to the sponge under the palette paper. Keeping your paint cold helps the paint flow and stops it from drying out or skinning over.

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