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Norwegian crochet - Hakking

In Norway, there is a special type of crochet called Hakking.  It has nothing to do with computers and is pronounced as in the english word "Hark" and add "-ing"!

I would not consider myself an experienced knitter and my knitting tension as a child was awful, yet I took to this wool handwork instantly. I love it.

I have to thank my dear friend Mia, not only for her patience but for starting me on a Hakking adventure, which seems to be limitless.

If you feel knitting takes too long and is too fiddly, but you want to create something with wool, then Hakking is for you!

You can make a scarf with a basic stitch (using grund technic) in less than an hour! I promise you.

Hakking goes by a variety of names: Tunisian crochet, Afghan stitch, and one might use a double ended hook sometimes called a cro-hook.

Pictured: My first Hakking projects
Scarf in acrylic, sampler with stocking type stitch, and pulse warmer, which is made using Hakking in the round. For this you must have a double pointed crochet hook or needle. Example of hook is pictured.

I will show you a few of my projects here and later put a video on doing the basic stitches.

Good luck, I hope you find it as rewarding as I am.

Latest Hakking project

Scarf made of hand spun hand dyed wool I sourced from the spinners and weavers group. Such a lovely shade it looks great with a black t-shirt.

Learn Rosemaling from a master

Want to know how to use oil paints correctly?

Are you interested in Traditional Folk/ Decorative Art?


One-Only Brisbane Seminar with

BJØRN PETTERSEN –Telemark Artist

                     September 12th – 15th 2007 (inclusive)


Learn the “Noble Art” of Norwegian Rosemaling with Bjørn Pettersen, Master Norwegian Rosemaler and Rauland Academy graduate. 30 years experience teaching authentic Rosemaling in Norway & Spain. See Bjørn’s work at:

N.B. Maximum of 10 students. Beginners and Advanced students welcome.


Over the four days students will:

- learn new techniques in oil painting

- choose & paint at least one pattern from Bjørn’s Telemark collection.

- receive individual tuition and personalized patterns designed by Bjørn

- learn design elements, colour and design theory in Rosemaling motifs


Students may bring several wooden pieces, in addition to their selected seminar piece. Bjørn will individually design patterns for these pieces which can be painted at your leisure.

 Cost: $540.00* maximum tuition fee plus materials * (This price is non profit-based, and so may reduce depending on total number of participants and sponsorship).

To reserve your place: please email and send a deposit of $200.00

(cheque/money order) by 30th March 2007, to


The Coordinator: Mrs M. McLaughlin

Deposit will be refunded if cancellation is notified

prior to August 20th, minus a $50.00 processing fee.


For more information contact Amanda  Email: