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Personal faith versus Public Religion

Posted by forestwood on May 21, 2010 at 12:24 AM

 When is the boundary drawn?

Does the public institutions of religion enhance or restrict the evolution and developement of personal faith.

If a person becomes enlightened, do they really need the guidance and advice of the clergy with their opinionated dogma. Can the clergy really provide an impartial view?

The hypocrisy of a cleric extolling the virtue of living a simplistic life, so as to assist the poor and needy, and deriding selfishness, grates against my craw when I see the wealth that exists in the churches of the old religions.

Teleevangelists do not seem to have a good grasp either. They encourage their congregations to pray for a new car or for money for this and that. Is that the true purpose of becoming a spiritual person, so as you can attain more material weath, and by supposedly guaranteeing your place in the eternal hereafter?

Where does caring, compassion and trying to be a better person fit with the goals of material wealth.

Finding one's inner strength and using that to better the conditions of one's life and those around us sits more correctly with me. The dogma of God first, others second and me last does not always seem to universally apply.

Perhaps St Francis had the right path, or the Dalai lama?

Something to ponder about.....

next time Crafts and Recycled Bags....

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